Russell Place

Waterbury, CT


Merrill Associates

Russell Place

The old Russell School was restored for adaptive reuse by Montagno Construction. The 3-story, 30,000 square foot building is set on extremely steep grade. The main parking lot is set across a street and down a long staircase. The solution to this apparent inaccessibility was to design and build a ramp from Highland Street in the rear, which now leads to a raised parking platform on the 3rd floor level. The structure of the parking deck is visible on the left in the photograph above.

Montagno Construction repointed all exterior brick, reworked/refurbished the original exterior tin moldings, replaced all windows, doors, and the roof. All interior surfaces were renovated while maintaining some original woodwork. The project also included all new HVAC, elevator, and electrical.

The building now houses professional offices – including the project architect – and medical

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