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Montagno Construction was founded by Kurt Montagno in 1985 with a vision to develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients through superior construction services and working collaboratively with all parties.

We quickly established a strong foundation of repeat business in health care, senior living, and historic restoration and adaptive reuse, and then expanded our business into private education, mixed use and retail projects, multifamily housing, and non-profit concerns.

Over the years we have developed an outstanding reputation

Throughout the construction industry by exceeding our customers’ expectations as a provider of timely and professional construction services – and as an ambassador of relationships built on trust.

Our entire organization is committed to being part of your team and understanding your needs and objectives as you undertake a building or renovation project.

Our Leadership

Kurt Montagno





Our clients attest that we care deeply about them, their mission, and their end users; we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.

“Over 12 years and a variety of projects, I found their workmanship and professionalism on all these various projects outstanding . . . , while school was both in and out of session.”

Joseph Wolinski

Repeat Client

Safety First

Equal Opportunity Employer

Montagno Construction, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to Affirmative Action and inclusive hiring in our company and from all our subcontractors.

All persons are treated equally in regard to recruitment and placement; promotions, demotions and transfers; training; layoff, recall or termination; compensation and other benefits.

Furthermore, each manager and supervisor – and all employees – aid in development and implementation of our AA–EOE Policy; and all are held responsible for compliance to its objectives.


Quality Assurance

Montagno Construction, Inc. has an impressive record of high quality construction on a variety of projects.

A team effort, we establish a quality control program for each project and maintain a network of checks and balances to ensure that the project is built and completed to the quality standards of the established program, the demands of the architect, and the expectations of the client.

We use state-of-the-art industry software, experienced foresight, and professional oversight to ensure quality on every project.

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